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My Journey to Healing

  My husband and I had just gotten home from an amazing vacation in Greece. We were driving from...


My husband and I had just gotten home from an amazing vacation in Greece. We were driving from Atlanta to Louisville to pick up our children at their cousins’ house when it hit me. Truly from left field, it struck me that I should be doing something like hands on healing. I call it that because the image in my mind was that of two hands hovering over someone’s body. But what was this? I had heard of healing in the Bible. I had seen a televangelist put his hand on someone’s head as they crumbled to the floor- oh no please- not that!

As we drove, I pondered what this could mean. I shared my thoughts with my husband. “This feels like a calling,” I said. By the way, he recalls nothing of that conversation. When we got back to Atlanta, I started looking into what “healing” was. A series of conversations led me to Reiki. I took Reiki I, Reiki II, and later, Reiki Master. Something didn’t feel right for me though. It wasn’t exactly what I was supposed to be doing- whatever that was. I found out about a school in Miami that offered a four-year degree in the Healing Arts. It sounded absolutely perfect except for costing more than an Ivy League education.

How could this feel so right and yet be completely out of my grasp? A serendipitous conversation took place in a neighborhood cul de sac that led me to Healing Touch. It offered the same kind of healing teaching- but was doable. As I sat in the classroom at Wake Forest Baptist Hospital waiting for our class to begin, I felt I was compromising. Alas, I was settling for second best. By 48 hours later, as the class drew to a close, I was euphoric- I had found where I was supposed to be!

That was Level I. Two and a half years of a rigorous curriculum later, I became a Certified Healing Touch Practitioner. I have been in practice ever since.

Although this journey has been incredible, it is unending. Every area of my life has been expanded by this work. I picture myself at 95, still healing, happily.