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  "Healing Touch with Anne is a total immersion into the peaceful center we all deeply desire. From...


“Healing Touch with Anne is a total immersion into the peaceful center we all deeply desire. From the environment Anne creates; nurturing all senses with gentle sound, soothing fragrances, warmth and light, to the actual experience of mind, body and spirit realigning, Anne’s broad knowledge and deep love for her work make the time with her invaluable. Not a luxury but a necessary balance in our frantic and fractured world!”



“Healing Touch and Anne mean for me a place where I relax, recharge, and fill my body and my soul with peace and energy.  When I come out of the session I not only feel physical benefits but emotional and spiritual as well.  Believe me, this is an amazing treatment! “

Marielos Bond


“I had no idea what to expect when I began to work with Anne, but she immediately made me feel at ease. The healing environment was peaceful and I was able to relax in a way I had not previously experienced. After working with Anne, my knee which I could barely stand to walk on was virtually pain free. Not only did she help me work through a physically painful situation but also made me feel a stronger sense of peace.  Anne also followed up with me to see how I was doing beyond treatment and was genuinely concerned with my care. I highly recommend her services!”

Margie Odom, M.Ed., LMFT


 “I was familiar with energy healing and have had some training in Reiki so came to  Anne with an open mind and heart. Anne has a beautiful, compassionate way of interacting with her clients, inspiring confidence and ease. The space she creates is lovely and peaceful  as well, conducive to  healing. I have come away each time with a sense of well being and peace, spiritually and physically, and have heartily recommended her to  others.”

Marian Monahan


“Anne has great energy and it always felt good to be in her presence.  When in her presence, she makes you feel like you are the only person in the world who matters.   I experienced deep relaxation and healing, which was needed as I was working through a deep grief process.   The treatment room is full of nature, Light and a feeling of serenity.  I’m convinced that I would not have gotten through my grief process without the support of Anne’s giving heart and the opening she provided that facilitated movement and processing of painful energy from me.”

 Mitch Cohen, MA


“My first experience with Healing Touch was with Anne.  While I was a little reluctant at first, she took the time to explain the process and made me feel very comfortable.  The atmosphere was extremely relaxing (I actually fell asleep during one session) and peaceful. Anne was able to focus on stress areas and improved muscle aches. I would absolutely recommend Anne to anyone to help with life’s many woes.”

Linda B.


“I have known Anne as a friend and spiritual companion for number of years. About six months ago I availed myself of her healing touch ministry while experiencing a difficult emotional time in my life. During our sessions together I was impressed by a number of things. The first is her deep knowledge of healing touch as well as her deep sense of connection while ministering her gift. As she went through the session I felt a real sense of spiritual power emanating from her hands even though they never made physical contact. Because of the place in my life where I was at when I met with Anne, I believe her healing touch, in ways I don’t quite understand, contributed to the whole process of ongoing healing which I have experienced since then.  I would recommend her healing touch ministry to others who are looking to get in touch with themselves and the Holy Mystery in a healing way.”

 Bill Monahan


“I experienced a meditative and fully calming feeling during my many sessions with Anne.  She set me completely at ease in a soothing environment.  My sciatica pain was reduced and I felt my well-being strengthened.”

Amy James


“Going to Anne was a great experience, I found her to be attentive, kind and gentle. She was focused and in tune during the sessions. I left my appointments feeling relaxed and energized. Anne was able to ease the negative energy in me during that time in my life. Hard to put into words, it is something to experience. “

Barbara Green


“I have had the blessing of knowing Anne for over seven years! It has been a joy to experience her journey in this healing and hear the miraculous story that lead her to this work. Anne has been given an incredible gift that allows people, such as myself, to experience a vitality from opening energetic fields. May I add, upon my first visit I was shocked to find how closed I was. I have been living fatigued for so long and within two sessions I was experiencing vitality. I’m so grateful that through this work I’ve been given new life. Anne’s approach to her work is one of professionalism and grace. One must experience it to appreciate her God given gift”

Tori Davis 


“Anne impressed me as being both skillful and dedicated. The experience was pleasant and very relaxing. I would definitely recommend the treatment alone or, depending on the individual situation, in conjunction with conventional medicine.”